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Secure DNS

The fastest, most powerful protection on the market

Proactive blocking

Detect and block new threats that your current antivirus is not yet aware of.

No infrastructure changes

The service can be implemented in less than 60 minutes and will work straight away.

Tailor-made to your needs

Our solution specialists can make any changes you want and offer 24-hour support.

Want to know how?

What is Secure DNS?

How does it work?

Secure DNS will forward all DNS requests from your network to our Secutec Secure DNS server. This server will check the domain reputation of the requested URL. If a user visits a domain that has been blocked, they will be presented with a default blocking page. If the domain is whitelisted or if it is not known as “bad”, the user will be allowed access to the domain. Note that users will not experience any latency or extra processing time.

Outsmart malware and phishing

Extra protection layer by checking every domain reputation

Implementation in less than 60 minutes

Works with any IT, network or security setup in your corporation

Detection of specific malware in your network

Blocking of malicious web content and not yet categorized domains

The dashboard gives you an overview of all detections

“Secure DNS works nice and simple, I can see that our anti-virus is working but Secure DNS offers an extra protection layer.” 

– Pieter Verheyden, VAB

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